Group version

Online system dedicated to information sharing and distribution (companies, organisations, etc.), the virtual office is available immediately without any investment. You use the virtual office standard version. You may use your own domain name for email.

ContactOffice is a virtual office allowing individuals and (leisure or work) groups to organize, communicate and collaborate. A virtual office comprises a set of tools (Messaging, Documents, Address book, Agenda, etc.) and can be accessed from computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Universal access


  • Accessibility: all your data are online and can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet at the office, at a customer's, at home, etc.
  • Complete solution: Virtual office, Mobile office, Online groupware, Email server, Back-up
  • Security: your data are safe in case of computer loss, theft or failure
  • No investment: no hardware, no software to buy
  • No technical hassles: no installation, no configuration, no updates
  • Easy to use: intuitive interface (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch) and online help
  • Technical support: email and phone
  • Flexibility: our subscriptions match the needs of all users: managers, assistants, employees, teleworkers, etc.
  • Affordable professional solution: Pricing


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