Customized version

The virtual office is customized to your trade mark, colors and commercial offers: lay-out, subscriptions and prices. End users don't notice they use a private label version hosted on our or your servers.

ContactOffice is a virtual office allowing individuals and (leisure or work) groups to organize, communicate and collaborate. A virtual office comprises a set of tools (Messaging, Documents, Address book, Agenda, etc.) and can be accessed from computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Transparent integration

Our virtual office perfectly integrates in your Web site, intranet or extranet. End users don't notice that your virtual office is an external service powered by ContactOffice.

Hosting choice

  • Cloud (our servers)
    Hosting on our servers allows cost reduction. You benefit from a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees application availability.

  • License (your servers)
    You host the application on your own servers and are responsible of its availability.
    As Java application, ContactOffice runs on all server OS: Windows, Unix/Linux, macOS.

  • Cloud/License comparison.


In case end-users must already authenticate on your Web site, the Single Sign-On (SSO) procedure avoids requesting a second authentication.

Besides, SSO allows to automate the following tasks:
  • Create accounts
  • Place accounts in any group
  • Remove members from any group
  • Set account subscription and expiration date
  • Change accounts password
  • Add events to a personal or group calendar
  • Etc.
Technical possibilities:

Accounts management

ContactOffice allows the client to manage end-users accounts, with automated procedures (see "Authentication"), or manually using an administration interface which allows to:

  • Create accounts
  • Place accounts in a group you administrate
  • Search accounts
  • View used and available capacities
  • Set account subscription and expiration date
  • Change accounts password
  • Suspend accounts
  • Delete accounts
  • Etc.


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